What will be the result of IND vs ENG semi-final if it is washed out due to rain?

Guyana, June 27, 2024: The hope of playing a crucial match between India and England in the second semi-final of the World Cup is now delayed under the shadow of rain.

IND vs ENG semi-finals
IND vs ENG semi-finals

The ICC has put the game in danger due to expected rain and thunderstorms in this match to be held at the Providence Stadium in Guyana.

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Incessant rain has been reported in Guyana for the last few days, due to which the situation of this particular match has become very doubtful. The thunderstorms on Thursday made the situation even more serious, increasing uncertainty about the possibility of the game.

The ICC has issued a message that no reserve day has been set for the first semi-final, due to which canceling the game in case of rain in this situation will definitely face difficulty.

The Indian team led by Rohit Sharma had high hopes in this year’s World Cup, but now due to rain, their plans have come under speculation.

If the game is cancelled, as per ICC’s determination, the higher-placed team in the semi-final rain-off will advance to the final. In this case, India will have a clear advantage and may have a chance to advance to the final.

The rainy weather has provided a challenging game at this crucial stage of the World Cup, affecting the entire process of the game. Despite this, players and teams have kept hope that they will be able to play this important match despite the weather.

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With the rain, it is clear that the decision of the game is in the hands of the ICC, which will ultimately be important for the future of the game.

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